Gillette Elvgren

Gillette-ElvgrenGillette Elvgren was born on the 15th March 1914 and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota where his father operated a paint store. He created billboard, poster and magazine illustrations but is most famous for his pin-up art, much of which was featured on Brown & Bigelow calendars. Gillette Elvgren’s relationship with Brown & Bigelow spanned nearly thirty years from 1944 to 1972.

He worked chiefly from oils and used live models as well as photography. The “Elvgren Girl” was a real girl — sweet, sexy and innocent. He created hundreds of the pin-up girl’s images ranging from cowgirls of the golden west to sultry sirens of the Riviera for the advertising specialty calendar manufactured by Brown & Bigelow. Gillette Elvgren has emerged in recent years as the artist most loved and respected by pin-up collectors and fans worldwide.

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