Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Art Licensing?

A: Licensing is a contractual, legal term. Art Licensing is the permission to allow well-known imagery from copyrighted artworks to be used on consumer products or on promotions, created by manufacturers (Licensees), to increase the appeal of that product or promotion, and provide a unique selling point distinct from other similar goods or services. The copyright holder (Licensor) usually earns a royalty on every product or service sold or produced.

Q: I am a manufacturer, and want a known artist’s images. How do I utilize the art properties?

A: If your company is looking to increase sales by enhancing your products with quality artwork, please contact us by e-mail at info@Art-Licensing.com or call us at toll free/USA 888-270-8401or (949)-248-9924 to discuss your project and intended use for your products.

Q: What types of manufacturers are you in the market for?

A: The following products are just a few of the items used or to be used by our art properties: calendars, jigsaw puzzles, game cards, photo frames, gift wrapping, clocks, lamps, figurines, sewing boxes, decorative plates, ceramic tiles, mirrors, candles, mailbox covers, book covers, greeting cards, postcards, posters, journals, photo albums, pencil cases, decorative boxes, telephone cards, checkbooks, computer mouse pads, computer screensavers, cellular phone cases, stuffed animals, pet toys, door mats, throws, pillows, wallpapers, handbags, cosmetic bags, tote bags, purses, wallets, slippers, towels, textiles, umbrellas, t-shirts, sportswear, hats, scarves, handkerchiefs, charms, jewelry boxes, paper bags, dinnerware, table line, place mats, trays, or cutting boards.

Q: If I am an artist or a photographer, how can I submit my work?

A: If you are an artist (fine art, photography, illustration or character) looking for representation for licensing for your artwork, please contact us at info@Art-Licensing.com

If you would like to submit samples of you work, please send 4-6 images via e-mail to:info@Art-Licensing.com or send them to us at:

D. Parks and Associates LLC
P.O. Box 1976
Clackamas, OR 97015 USA

Please do not send originals until we request them. If you would like to have your material returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope of the appropriate size so we can safety return your materials.

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