About Us


D. Parks and Associates LLC (Art-Licensing.com) was started in 1982 for the Japanese market, and since that time D. Parks and Associates LLC / Art-Licensing.com has become an international licensing agency located in Portland Oregon USA.

The nature of our business is to arrange licensing rights of art properties such as fine arts, illustrations, and photographs, characters for merchandising, for promotion and commercial advertising use. The images on this website are available for reproduction by licensees only. Fees and royalties are determined by a number of factors including type of usage, territory, and duration of license. Every image and every usage has a unique characteristic and therefore the fee and terms must be negotiated in every instance.

We welcome you to contact us for licensing our art properties or to discuss more about your project. Please e-mail us at DPA@Art-Licensing.com

or call us at toll free/USA 888-270-8401 or (949)-248-9924.

© 2022 D. Parks and Associates LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All of the artworks, photographs, and designs appearing on this site are copyrighted by the individual artist who created the images, and protected under the United States and International Copyright Laws. They may not be reproduced, stored or manipulated without prior written permission from the artists (copyright holders) through D. Parks and Associates LLC / www.Art-Licensing.com.