Gentaro Kagawa

Born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture in 1959. He has been a maze lover since his childhood, and since the castle structure has a maze-like mechanism, exploring the castle has become one of his hobbies. Started studying painting in high school and proceeded to Musashino Art University and completed graduate school in 1986. In 1989, he started working as an illustrator for the restoration of the castle. He began to draw historical illustrations other than castles and provided his artworks for history magazines and textbooks. Even now, he is drawing restoration illustrations of castles and temples requested by the local government. Around 2003, triggered by his child being a maze lover, he started drawing maze works and published the picture book “Maze of Time” in 2005. It has been well received, saying “You can play with mazes and hidden pictures, and you can acquire knowledge.” To date, 18 titles of “Maze Picture Book Series” (PHP Institute) have been published and a total of 3 million copies have been published in Japan. Translated and published in South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc. The picture book works after 2017 are co-authored with her daughter Shiori Kagawa. There are also many other picture books and books on the theme of castles. Many works are also posted on the HP “KAGAWA GALLERY”.

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