Jesse Jentzen

Jesse Jensten BWJesse Jentzen: Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist
Jesse Jentzen is a 21 year old full time Illustrator and Concept Artist from Northern, California.

His skills include but are not limited to:
(Book) Cover Illustration, Character & Creature Design, Pencil/Charcoal Artwork, Tattoo Artistry/Design, Nature Illustration, Matte Painting, T-Shirt design, Concept Art, Retouching, Portraits Jesse’s artwork has been used in a wide variety of products: Book Covers, Magazines, Tattoo’s, Album Covers, T Shirts, Notebooks and Advertisement Post Cards. When Jesse is not drawing he spends his time reading, hiking, taking photos of random items, spending time with friends, working out and continuing his education.

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