IC4 Designs

1505294IC4DESIGN, the Hiroshima Japan based illustration and advertising studio created by Hirofumi Kamigaki many years ago when his internal fire was burning so bright, that he had the idea to start what is now gaining speed and popularity within the illustration and advertising design communitity. His ability to meticulously craft his unfathomable landscapes of whymsy and humour to thoughtful expressions of design make him and his team of designers a force to be recon with, when standing out in a sea of designers is difficult to do and manage.

Without having to mention IC4`s highly respected work such as The New York Times Infrastructure Cover which won a ADC 89 / SILVER.ASME 2010 Best Covers Award, Luerzer’s ARCHIVE 200 Best Illustrators 09/10, Selection for American Illustrator 29, Ducati for ANCMA, Toyota Advertising, AMTRAK National Train Day 2010 Campaign to name a few, IC4 is breaking ground fast to tell the world they want to fill the world with their bright original and distinctively creative work.

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